Welcome to YON KA

“I had tried everything over the counter and by the dermatologist, all did nothing but aggravate the problem.  I went through many different emotions, embarrassment, frustration, and it damaged my self confidence.  Initially I was skeptical when introduced to Yon Ka, but after just one month of using the products religiously every day, I saw a difference in my skin.

To this day I continue to use the products with   amazing results.” Kristina. Roseville CA  


        YON-KA – What’s in a name?                       Yon-Ka – these two syllables form a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. “Yon” is the river of living, purifying water, and sounds similar to “ion”, particle of energy. “Ka” is the eternal part of every being according to Egyptian mythology. Yon and Ka unites what seems contradictory: knowledge and mystery, science and nature, movement and rest, shadows and light. Together they form a symbol of constant regeneration and new found harmony.