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Maggie specializes in microdermabrasion and the art of gentle extractions. She is passionate about helping her guests with their skin care needs, achieving desired results, and continually learning about the latest findings and technology of the industry. Maggie strives to give every guest the best spa experience possible.

“Now I have not only cured my skin condition, but have a flawless healthy glow…” “From the time I was in Jr. High School all through high school I suffered psychologically. Due to the fact that I was always embarrassed to be seen in public and by my classmates. My Problem … I had severe acne. Not only because of puberty but a bad diet and improper skin care. I had visited several spas and even a dermatologist who just wanted to prescribe medication. Maggie not only taught me the importance and proper way to take care of my skin but also took the time to teach me that the proper diet was everything! It was about this important subject, that no one ever took the time to explain to me. She taught me that one of the most important keys to a healthy life was to make sure… more